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NAME:  Rufus Sopuruchi gift
NICKNAME:  Boss lady
LEVEL:  300 level 
AGE:  19
STATE: IMO state 
HOMETOWN: Isiala mbano
FAVOURITE SONG: I love good music 
INSTAGRAM: rufus_ruchi
TWITTER: Not on twitter 

Exclusive interview with the beauty queen 

1.  SINEMGISTaCREW :Tell us about your background? 

¤ Miss unec : I come from a Christian Igbo family of five. I’ve got two brothers which makes me the only daughter. I would say my parents have really done and are still doing well in training my siblings and I. They have instilled great values in me that has helped me scale through every stage of my life till this point. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I’ve lived comfortably thanks to God.

2.  SINEMGIST CREW : What inspired you to contest for Miss Unec ?

¤ Miss unec : I had contested for previous beauty pageants and each time I would do so well but due to one thing or the other I would be denied the crown. I knew I had the potential and charisma so I went ahead to contest for it.

3.   SINEMGIST CREW : What made you stand out among others at the competition?

¤ Miss unec : I think it was my aura and confidence. I didn’t show an ounce of fear. At a point I wasn’t concentrating on the competition but on having a little fun. Ps. I was quite a bit more creative than the others.

4.  SINEMGIST CREW : Who is your role model?

¤ Miss unec : This may sound cliche but of a truth, it’s my mum. I mean she’s everything God said a woman should be in the book of proverbs. I really look up to her.

5.   SINEMGIST CREW  : Were you in anyway molested sexually or did you encounter
such an experience from the organisers during the contest?

¤ Miss unec : This is the first pageant I can say really impressed me. There was no form of sexual assault or anything of its kind. Big Ups to O’Mozed ☺.

6. SINEMGIST CREW :  As a beauty queen, what project do you have for UNEC STUDENTS ?

¤ Miss unec : I don’t intend to just answer the name. However I would rather not Count my eggs before they hatch so I would not disclose my Intentions but one thing is for sure, UNEC watch out for your Queen.

7.   SINEMGIST CREW  : How do you feel as a queen?

¤ Miss unec : The name alone in bestows an amount of fulfillment on me. I feel proud of myself. I feel accomplished and very happy.

8.    SINEMGIST CREW : When you were announced as the winner what happened to
you at that moment?

¤ Miss unec : I was stunned, no jokes. It took me ten seconds to move literally. I was subconsciously screaming, ‘I won!!’. I can’t really describe it but I was so happy that for once my efforts and potentials paid off. Did I mention the tears of Joy?? Omg!

9.   SINEMGIST CREW : What were your parents’ reactions when they heard you had

¤ Miss unec : Trust mothers lol Mum was so happy she had to dance. She was happy I didn’t use up my resources for nothing. My dad was equally happy for me.

10.   SINEMGIST CREW : What advice do you have for young girls that would want to
become beauty queens?

¤ Miss unec : Keyword: Determination. That’s one word that kept me going. Inspite of the odds always keep pushing but please dont ever compromise. I have an article I Intend to post on my social media pages. It contains a whole lot of advice. Just go to my Facebook or Instagram pages for it. Rufus sopuruchi and rufus_ruchi are the handles, respectively.


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