List Of Lawsa UNEC Award Categories


Dear Lawsaites,

In view of the Lawsa Awards this year which is aimed at celebrating excellence. The following are the available award categories.

1. Legal Revelation (First Years)

2. Face of Lawsa (Male and Female) (First Years)

3. Upcoming Advocate

4. Upcoming Writer

5. Upcoming Creative Personality

6. Upcoming Entrepreneur of the Year

7. Upcoming Judicial Personality

8. Best dressed (Male and Female)

9. Entrepreneur of the Year

10. Creative writer of the Year

11. Most promising Male Lawsite

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12. Most promising Female Lawsite

13. Creative Personality of the Year

14. Best Class Rep of the Year

15. Most Charismatic Lawsite

16. Most Popular Lawsite

17. Most Selfless Lawsite

18. Blogger of the Year

19. Voice of Lawsa

20. Most Social Lawsite

21. Sports Man and Sports Woman

22. Best Executive of the Lawsa Adminstration

23. Philanthropist of the Year

24. Political Personality of the Year

25. Personality of the Year

26. Outstanding Student of the year

27. Best legislative Personality


28. Judicial Personality

29. Outstanding Leader of the year

30. Most influential Student

31. Man of the year

32. Best lecturer

33. Most innovative Lawsite

34. Political activist of the Year

35. Advocate of the year

Expect the nominees on our next post soon

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