UCHEKINGS shares over 400 vintage ties to UNEC guys

About what happened today 16th Dec 2017

In a bid to celebrate Christmas with the student, the Hall Welfare Officer of Kenneth Dike Hall; Rt Hon Rotr Ugwu Uchechukwu aka UCHEKINGS shares free vintage ties to the inhabitants of Kenneth Dike(IJ) and Mbonu Ojike(GH) Hostels. Over 400 ties were given out to student.

Not only that, the distribution was minted out in a very memorable way as band boys were rolling the bands and the boys gyrated in Xmas ecstasy. This is definitely an Xmas well celebrated for the guys.


This did not end there, it was reported that he promised to subsidise the amount for each tie from tomorrow onwards to be sold at #150 only and no longer #350 in IJ hall Aquarium .

In a bid not to leave the girls out of the celebration,  Uchekings reportedly went to Lady Ibiam Hall where he promised them free tank of water to do their laundry and dishes before they go for Xmas break Girls yaff join

See photos :

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