UNN Top 15 Songs Of 2018

UNN Top 15 Songs Of 2018
UNN Top 15 Songs Of 2018

UNN Top 15 Songs Of 2018

So it’s been a great year in the University of Nigeria music community/Industry as we saw a massive improvement and increase in the level of productivity of many more UNN artistes.
It was as though when God said in Matthew 28:19 ”Go ye therefore into the world… Be fruitful and multiply…” He had been talking to UNN artistes…
And they were listening hard!

2018 has been a great year with tremendously great acts and releases, and we bring to you our


YES! The very best of the best…
I know by now you’re all excited and sizzling with expectactions…

So here we go…

Coming in at number 15 we have _”One Stone”_ by Xnote… This song had a lot of hype and definitely is a head turner..
At number 14 is Frank D’s _”Stay”_… Surprisingly Frank D has been on fire this year and has lots of other jams _wey dey burst brain_.
_”Na Dem Dey Rush Us”_ by Jc Jones with the awesome lyrics and great voice came in at number 13…
_”Fumigate”_ by Kaseklozd also a hit song by this awesome artist
Jc Jones’ _”Need you more”_ came in as the number 11 top song… I mean it is no mean feat to get two of your songs on this list, all together it was a great year for JC Jones.
_”Pablo”_ by Lucy Q hit number 10… And believe me when I say it is a great song…
Okay so _”11:45″_ by JC Jones made it to number 9 on the top list and as you already know JC Jones has been on fire this year.
_”Ji Masun”_ by Shaggyblaq came in as number 8 top song… The song was a good one, urging us all to stay woke.
_”Halima”_ made number 7 on the list. A great single from Khizdonsir who is a low-key bad ass musician where he featured Pk the rapper and Mzee.

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_”Credit Alert”_ by Frank D early this year made it to number 6 and Hey! We all need to get credit alerts, yeah! So it’s a great song to vibe to and should be our everyday prayer too.
At number 5 we have Shaggyblaq’s newest release _”Esorkor”_… mad tune with lots of party vibes… _Esorkor_ is making waves and will still make waves by 2019…
Shaggyblaq’s _”Baba Olowo”_ made number 4 on the list and man that was a very great tune to jive to.

Now finally for our top three…
I can feel the excitement dripping off the cold walls…
Well here is your number 3…
_”Suegbe”_ by the dynamic duo Mars and Barzini. This song is topnotch and has all the party and gyration vibes you need to get your party grooving and banging.
Our number 2 song is _”Slow down”_ by one of my personal favourites our very own Ben Anansi… Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics… It’s a well deserved second place and it’s a great great year for Ben Anansi.
By now you’re all wondering what song makes top of the list and Shaggyblaq’s _”Ekurole”_ song pops up… Yes! That is our number one song… Great party song, great lyrics… Did I mention it had high ratings and a great music video? Well… Now you know… If you don’t have it you need to go download it… _Ekurole_ is a head turner, great beats and a well deserved first place as the top UNN song of the year 2018. Shaggyblaq had a great entertainment year altogether with four of his songs at the top, highs and lows too but he’s been in fire regardless. One thing to note is that Shaggyblaq is the next big thing.

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So it’s a wrap-up. Thank you very much for your time.
To artistes out there struggling to get your names up here… Keep pushing hard and 2019 would be yours.



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